For Professionals

Hey there, if you’re a professional in areas such as Real Estate, Accounting, Administration, Marketing or ICT, listen up! This workshop is for you. We know what you might be thinking: “Movies? Creativity? Not my thing.” But hold on, attending this workshop could actually unlock some amazing benefits for you.

Let’s Explore:
New Markets: Discover fresh untapped markets and exciting new clients that you never thought possible expanding. They would have access to larger budgets as their projects increase your professional network will expand and create exciting opportunities.

Increased Earning Potential: Tap into the substantial budgets of the film industry, securing higher-paying projects and boosting your overall income. By attending the workshop, you’ll learn the tricks of the trade in independent filmmaking and tap into a profitable industry.

Supercharge Your Professional Reputation: Who doesn’t want to be known as the film …. professional? Show the world your versatile skills by diving into the world of independent filmmaking. This workshop will earn you the recognition you deserve, setting you apart from the crowd. Showcase your talents and build a strong reputation as a versatile professional capable of delivering exceptional results in independent filmmaking.

Access to Funding and Resources: Learn how to access millions of US dollars as we bring one of the greatest U.S government contracting gurus Kevin Jennings to speak on funding options, grants, and resources to support your projects and bring creative visions to life.

Stay Ahead of the Curve: Keeping up with the latest trends is a breeze when you’re part of this workshop. Imagine being the go-to pro in your field, always ahead of the curve, armed with the freshest tools, techniques, and insights. Charm your clients with your unbeatable know-how.

Meet the Money
Making Connections is one thing put Meeting Millionaires are another. Be of service to those who can make waves. Join us and discover a realm where connections lead to remarkable career growth.”